Waving not drowning

First day of term 3, almost freezing (most of the time), very few students about as it was a staff development day for K-6, so I did a stocktake of the entire fiction collection of the infants library. Zapping the barcodes of a couple of thousand books makes for a monotonous – and filthy-fingered – day. I amused myself by flaunting my spicy socks to everyone I thought would be impressed, ignoring the vigorous clashing with the rest of my outfit 😛
Tonight will be whatever is passable on the gogglebox, and more knitting. I am progressing on the Alpine Cardi – I made a larger sleeve for #2, have ripped and reknitted 2/3 of #1, measured, plotted, ripped and reknit the back neck to give it a gentle curve, and am ready to finish sleeve #1.2, steam block and sew up ready for the neckband. Hopefully I will have an FO to wear above the ankle later this week :>
I shall have pictures next time…



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