Alpine swatching

Alpine swatching
Originally uploaded by knights_dont_knit

I saw this pattern just after it was released a couple of weeks ago – a freebie from Berocco – and went oooo! Neat little cardi, good sleeves, more or less 12ply yarn, and guess what I got at the last Spottie sale?? A rich purple Cleckheaton 12ply, 6 balls of at $2.99 each! Soooo, if all goes well (I’m about to start the pattern of the left front), I shall have a soft little purple cardi for Spring!

Other news – hectic week at work. Culminating in two days of conference – full on, as are all such events, but very informative and inspiring and I networked and made friends and had a good time. I’ll make up the knitting time as the term winds down over the enxt few weeks.

Tomorrow, we welcome a family guest to the house – Jack is going to stay for a couple of months. Pics as soon as the light cooperates.

Rest assured, I have been catching up on blogs, and you will be hearing more from me soon….


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