What I Did On My Weekend

There was assorted housework and coddling of scratchy-throated toddler (who shared it with me).
There was a toddler’s teaparty – my small daughter turned 2 on Thursday!

I'm the Queen of the Castle

In other news, I finished the Knucks for my son:

tough guy

There was a Craft Fair in town, so I met up with Penni to go through, and Jen and Kate and Kirra from our snb at lunch, and may have had a little yarn follow me home…
hotstuffnot this red.for my jeans – and some buttons too.

The first two balls have decided to be an Argosy scarf (pic soon, I promise), which I cast on last night in front of Doctor Who (WOOT!! The Doc is back in town!!!)
The sock yarn is going to speak to me after I find out the next SKP08 sock tomorrow. I have not quite finished the toe on my first Berlin, but I think I’ll get it done tonight – I did another half-repeat and I think it will be nice now. I worked some more on my Wedge Hat, on my Jet vest, and picked up a long-neglected monkey sock and turned the heel.

And now Miss 2 is a-wailing (I stopped jigging her around upside down), and I must went.



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