Anyone for a spin?

I haven’t been on a real bike in I don’t know how long, but with a little limenviolet to keep me going, I put myself on the bike and spin bike at the gym every week or so.

However, that is not much good for knitting time, so an alternative is needed, and Hooray! along come Meg and Debby, knitters with a mission to suck us all into the time spin that is the Tour de France!!!

Behold, the TdFKAL is back!!

I have decided once again to go for the Maillot Vert – that is, the Green Jersey. I have been thinking that DD#2 needs a vest of some sort, for those times when I feel cold and she won’t put on a jumper 😛

My Tour de France Knitalong Speed Knitting Challenge is to knit one entire toddler-sized vest, and should I have time left over (ha!!) attempt to finish the second half of a small girl’s tunic for DD#1. The French Connections? Well, there may be some brioche ribbing on vest #1, and I will come up with some kind of titre en français for both garments. And anything else I can think of.

Oh, and I am the understudy for the captain of team Rabobank, Sarah from the
Go team!!!



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