I love this hat!!!

You may recall the occasional mention of the Alleged Tychus of 06 – a misguided attempt to follow the hat pattern with not enough yarn, larger needles and single-stranded.. (I know, truly insane – no wonder I was well and truly smited by the Gods of Gauge) I even continued knitting past the first wedge, the first doubts, the growing awareness that this floppy, drapey, soft thing was not looking like a firm and manly beanie tough enough for the most gruelling bushwalk… I finished it at 2am Christmas morning, then wrapped it before breakfast with a receipt for exchange, reknitting, redesigning, or total scrapping altogether. My BIL is a man of sense and humour, and thought it was hilarious – he said he felt like Mushmouth 🙂 However he really liked the idea, and requested a reknit. So that is this week’s project – BIL Tychus v3.0. Stashed yarn, vintage plastic needles, and this time I love it so much it’s going to be hard to give it away on Friday!!!

And also on the subject of hats, did you catch the Yarn Harlot’s latest??? Pretty cute!!! D’you think it’d be good in Cleckheaton Vintage Hues?? And what’s that visualiser thingy she’s talking about? hmm, I too love cables… and putting ’em on things….***the acquisitive instinct twitches***



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