So much to show you!!!

Firstly, there has been some spectacular weather:

double rainbow

Can you see the faint second rainbow above and left of the bright one??

So much wind and rain and wind and a little hail, and freezingness, but then the rainbows, and what could be more fitting as a backdrop for the finished Stormy Rainbow Socks???

Stormy Rainbow socks

Total time: about 3 weeks (but not faithfully every night, I’m too easily bored for that)
Pattern: Broadripple
Yarn: Online Supersocke Summer Colour wool/cotton
Needles: 3mm bamboo dpns
Modifications: slightly less length in the leg, and an extra pair of rows in heel flap
Verdict: love love!!

Stormy Rainbows on step

I haven’t been keeping up with the Southern Summer of Socks blog this week, and I’m so far behind!!!! Looking forward to seeing all the funky things people have been trying, even as I try a Turkish Garter Stitch Heel (ie afterthought heel in garter stitch) for the heel of my Mermaid sock – I think the target-circles of the stripes will look cool!! I am really enjoying playing with my Lucy Neatby sock book – so many combinations as soon as you look past the first picture…

Mermaid leg done!



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