Southern Summer of Socks 07~08

Today is the Official Start to the Southern Summer of Socks 07~08!! A six month sockyarn stash- slimming effort, and an opportunity to try out new designs and techniques (since I’ve only managed to finish one pair of adult-sized socks so far, I’m not lacking for choices!)

Therefore, I give you:

My Personal Sock Challenge

Plans for SSS

  • Mermaid’s socks {Cool Socks, Warm Feet (L. Neatby)} in a Fiery Heirloom Jigsaw
  • Marietta’s Rib socks {Cool Socks, Warm Feet (L. Neatby)} in Funky pink/green/red/blue/white Heirloom Jigsaw
  • Plain socks in Cottage Garden Patonyle
  • Ripple Weave socks {Vogue, Fall 2006} in a heathered dark HeirloomArgyle
  • Colourwork socks {pattern not yet chosen} in variegated blue Patonyle and navy Patonyle
  • Finish WIP socks!

*As a bonus, I’d love to design and make myself a pair of slippers using the Turkish patterns in Simply Socks (Anna Zilboorg).

**Every pair of socks will use something new to me in terms of design and/or techniques.

***Most socks will be for me.



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