I spent some time yesterday evening getting the videotape cued up and ready so I only needed to hit the red button to record Doctor Who for later viewing – 7.30 is a flurry of bedtimes, so the timing is not good. At 7.32 I dashed in and set things going – yippeee!!! At 8.15 we settled down with food and wine and started the vid – only to see Dame Edna Everege!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH – I didn’t double check the channel!!!!!! So I had to content myself with watching David Tennant on Parky – very phoar, especially the accent! I am So Cross With Myself for messing up my videoing!!
But nothing will interfere with GA tonight – I will be extra prepared!!!!


One thought on “AAAARRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!

  1. Oh no!!! I hate it when there is no-one to blame for a mistake except me!! He is lovely in real life with his real accent and gorgeous smile, isn’t he???

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