Jean-Pierre est FINI!!!!!

I had one row to many on one armhole, and had to rip back four rows to redo the decreases before binding off, otherwise this would have been two days ago!!!

Sandrine’s role in the TdF KAL has turned out to be a ‘domestique’!!! 2/3 of one sleeve so far, will keep going and post pictures when the MOMD remembers (which he had better!!) to bring home the good camera!!!



4 thoughts on “Jean-Pierre est FINI!!!!!

  1. Nothing like wearing you r new this As Soon As They Are Finished!! I do that: parade around the house in whatever I have on AND the new thing!!! It looks wonderful!! Magnifique!!!!

  2. How gorgeous! Congrats on the great finish! I was feeling rather smug because my sprinters project is knit from the cone – hence no ends to weave in except at the start and end of each piece… until I got to the trim…which is going to add 56 ends to weave in! I am starting to get really worried about finishing on time now!

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