TdF – Those Mountains Were Killing Me!!

Sacré Bleu/Jaune/Rouge/Noir!!!! After a solid first week of concentration I just couldn’t take it anymore!! I dreamt of Noro! Cardigans! Socks! Cables! Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran!!! I fondled stash yarns!! I scoured stitch dictionaries!! Ferreted through pattern files!!! Mumbled over mountains of magazines!!!! I scratched the itch, just a little, and then I buckled down and picked up the pace (and the neckline stitches):

Voila!! Le col de Jean-Pierre est fini!!

Now to tackle the sides and armholes (toddler permitting), and get on with Sandrine!!! (I’m thinking there will be une cuillère en bois for her!!!)



3 thoughts on “TdF – Those Mountains Were Killing Me!!

  1. It’s ‘The Mountain’ of knitting, doung necks and armholes!! Looking good: keep pedalling!!! That ‘Handy Book’ is great!! I use it all the time!!!

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