Noro Still Life With Buttons

Photography by the MOMD, Styling by S

The cardi is looking good, but the line of very dark green on the needles is now a stripe running down the line of buttonholes, and I don’t know….



7 thoughts on “Noro Still Life With Buttons

  1. I think Miss S has a future in design!

    Cardi is still looking gorgeous. I am loving the buttons, great job MOYD.

    Hope you solve the button band stripe dilemma.

  2. To answer questions – Noro Kureyon, on sale 18 mths ago, never to be purchased again (until I have knit up 1/2 my stash and have a permanent and highly paid job – hmmm, say in 20 years???)
    Still haven’t checked the buttonholes – been preoccupied with other things
    And Miss S is most definitely an artist – loves to draw, and to arrange things, and to throw Misunderstood and Persecuted Artist/Primadonna Tantrums, (Whilst Checking The Look In The Nearest Mirror) (No, I am not kidding. She’s been checking The Look of her tantrums since she was old enough to recognise mirrors – say, 9 months old??)

  3. Ohhhhhhh so close.

    If you really hate the green against the buttons you could always rip back and remove that section.
    The problem then would be that you would be left with less yarn, and I seem to recall you weren’t sure how far the yarn would go to start with.

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