Aprés Minuit

Jean-Pierre est presque fini! Je vais coudre les côtés, et puis commencer les bordures côtelées.

Finished, and blocked on a towel draped on an airer over a small heater on low all night – ready to seam and start the armhole and neckline ribbing!!
(I love Word Reference.com – excellent help for quickly Frenching up my blogging!!)


6 thoughts on “Aprés Minuit

  1. Found you through 2paws ‘apples of my isle’ – lovely to know there are obsessive knitters in Tasmania! Who are also mothers of small munchkins. Who like CdL and sci fi. And food. Are you north or south – or even NW of our fair state? – and Tink is fine (as I generally spend at least some of each days knitting time do that!)

  2. I think your knitting looks just like the hills of the TdF!! It is looking wonderful. I laughed at you ‘Frenching things up’. It sounds mildly rude!!!

  3. I LOVE sounding suggestive in French!! It’s so easy – you just say anything with a pout and eyelashes aflutter, and overdo the accent ever so slightly, et voila!!

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