Le dos de Jean-Pierre – TdF update

2.5 soirs devant la télé et le dos de Jean-Pierre est fini!


It’s amazing how far I can get in 2.5 night’s worth of knitting (particularly on 5mm needles :P) – the back is done!

I’m loving the *crash course* (couldn’t help myself!) on the Tour de France via the TdFKAL blog. It’s nearly as much fun as reading the progress reports for knitters in the various categories – nearly! I’m hearing an overcaffeinated, totally hopped-up and over-the-top race commentary in my head as I scroll through the text (I started and couldn’t stop, see next post)



3 thoughts on “Le dos de Jean-Pierre – TdF update

  1. Love the knitting and the commentary is magnifique!! Can’t keep up the pace, I’m having a semi rest day!!

  2. And to think that I did all that with no coffee!
    (Mind you, I have been known to drink mugs of tea and eat unspecified amounts of dark chocolate whilst blogging – not that there’d be any caffeine in those, surely???)

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