TdF Updates

Le Maillot Vert etait gagné par un Australien!
Allez Les Vertes!!
Mon progrés:
Dimanche: l’enchantillon

Lundi: le dessin

Lundi nuit: J’ai monté les mailles
Mardi: Fin d’une ligne bleue, commencement de la première ligne de jaune

The astute among you may notice a few differences between the design swatch, the chart and the reality on my needles: this is the excitement of Designing-On-The-Needles!! Changes have been made following advice from the MOMD (3 colour steps before changing) and my son J (yellow next, then red). If I can stop reading blogs long enough to pay attention, the slipped stitches the wraps before them are fun and easy, and it goes pretty fast!
Whiz whiz whiz!


3 thoughts on “TdF Updates

  1. Looking good, you’ll be sprinting to the finish line before we know it. Hoping for a safe and crash free journey for you.

    I finished Argosy last night, hopefully I’ll get a chance to block it tonight.

  2. Ooh thanks for popping by to say hi for the dishrag team 2. I had a look at all the participants in our team earlier today, but did not get a chance to say hello to anyone, so now here I am. I hope we have a lot of fun knitting up the dishrags too. By the way, I love the jumper you are making with all the different colors.

  3. Wow, it looks fantastique. Notice that I think that adding ‘ique’ to then end of a word makes it French?? Stupidique I know, but I can’t helpique it!!! You have knitted so much!! No drink stops for you then!!!

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