Knitty Peeps

Just got back from my first ever Hobart S’nB afternoon – thank you to the 5 Knitty Peeps who were warm and friendly and included me in their conversations without fuss or fanfare – I’ll see you next month, in my new cardi (I am determined)!!

I swatched for Sandrine, but I’m not enjoying the wool with these needles, so I’ll try it with bamboo.

I worked on Plumberry 2.0.1

I was remarkably quiet and restrained and hardly flapped my hands around at all (ladies, you have been warned).
All in all, it was just lovely. Sitting, knitting, wandering from topic to topic… just lovely.
The perfect way to spend a rainy-ish Saturday afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Knitty Peeps

  1. Sounds like a great afternoon. I must make it along with you next month.

    See you this afternoon. I’m going to be well and truly ready for a break from reports by then (yes, I’m still working on them. argh.)

  2. Yeah! It was a great afternoon and it will get better once we find a nice big confy venue.
    Come along Penni, the more the merrier.

    ooooo some nice new things to click on in your blog!

  3. Yay, new kintting pal! I was so glad I got to go in the end so I could meet you. See you next month

  4. hullo,
    it was lovely to meet you. thanks for the link to your blog. by the way, i love your sashiko bag!!

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