Not boring mash

I give you my answer to the MOMD’s green spuds:

Sautéed onion and garlic, throw in some (defrosted) cubes of chopped spinach, stir through the leftover mashed potato with a little milk to get the right consistency, and Voilà!! Green and Tasty!!



3 thoughts on “Not boring mash

  1. ummmmmm….why are you eating off a chair??

    Mash sounds good, ’twas a thrown together sort of meal here tonight. Still working on the dreaded reports (thankfully I had my dates wrong, they’re not due until NEXT Monday.

    So will you be wearing THE Cardi for our catch up on Sunday?

  2. Penni, glad to hear your dates were wrong!!!! Yum, I love mashed potato!! Delicious!!! Will you be wearing the Cardi to The Catch Up (not the boned TV version!!!!!!)

  3. I am indeed hoping to be done for Sunday – I’m on the collar/buttonbands now, and freer now to concentrate on my lapful of rainbows.

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