Progress Report

Despite my daughter’s every effort to interrupt and interfere with every activity I attempt, from eating, watching tv, cooking, housework, through to knitting, uni marking and sleeping, I have managed to do small amounts of all of the above, and present evidence of progress on the only one you are really interested in:



5 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Oh it looks like it is undergoing some weird medical experiment!! Wow, you are ribbing: the end is nigh I think and you’ll be wearing it soon. I love the colours: they are great!!! Darn real life for interfering with knitting!!

  2. So close to the end! (atleast the end looks close) I agree with 2paw – definitely looks like a science experiment with the yarn coming out the sleeve, lol.

  3. Such beautiful colors! Looking forward to seeing the completed sweater–you’re almost there.

  4. You should see it now! the neckline is 2/3 done, and all scrunched up on the needles, poor baby!

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