My baby needs garters

Because she’s starting to walk, and it’s pretty cold, and no shoe will stay on any longer than it takes her to show the velcro who’s boss, she will be wearing these:

Garter Rib socks, from SKS (by C. S), in Merino Bambino by Cleckheaton – heel flap and gusset tonight!



3 thoughts on “My baby needs garters

  1. Me thinks we also need socks like those! Off to Borders today so hopefully they’ll have the book in stock.

    Plus I need an excuse to try out my new lantern moon sock stix right?

    Finished Lily’s hoodie last night, just need to sew that sucker up now.

  2. They are gorgeous! I love little people socks.

    I have to knit my kids more for winter..After I knit myself a second pair and get them a jumper made each I will get back to socks. LOTS of socks 😉 I got heaps of sock wool! lol


  3. They are so cute! Sophie is still not walking (luckily) but we already have a problem with keeping socks on – let me know if these stay on!!

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