Something’s Hinky…

I’ve taken the Noro cardi far enough down to be cast-off-able, but I think I was a little heavy-handed with the shaping decreases – the fronts curve away down to beside my hips, and require a lot of pulling to come anywhere near the centrefront.
Noro gets Hinky
I also think I’d like the ribbing to start earlier, so I’m considering ripping back to where I started the shaping decreases (under the bustline) and just going straight down, stocking stitch for an inch or two then ribbing it, bayy-beeee! Then I’ll pick up for a buttonband, knit the sleeves, and jiggle the last bits of yarn to use it all up! Still looks like 3/4 sleeves, which is fine by me πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Something’s Hinky…

  1. Bummer about having to rip it..but if you arent going to be totally happy with it then its the best thing to do.

    LOVE how the colours are looking too! I so cant wait to see if finished!


  2. All I can think is ‘Earl Hinky’!!! Bah Humbug, but it’s no use if you hate how it curls. I think it looks gorgeous though!!!! Lovely colours!!!

  3. It’s a pain but worth it in the long run to rip it back. I’m sure it will all work out the second time.

    (Still liking the ready made needle holder sleeves.)

    Running away now as you throw something at me. πŸ™‚

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