Ok, so about the mashed potatoes..

Excellent response rate to peculiar food photo – must remember that in future! So, to clear up any lingering confusion for 2paw, Jessica, Amanda J, Blackie and Katt, allow me to elaborate:
1) MOMD was not drawing pictures with my food, because that’s bad manners. Making the potatoes aqua-coloured was not bad manners, just fun.
2) Despite his efforts, food colouring did not make them taste more interesting – they were just mashed potatoes.
3) I don’t hate mashed potatoes, just find them bland. I like a garlic version, or pesto on top – jazz it up a little, you know? The MOMD is a Mashed Potato Traditionalist, so when he cooks, they come out unfancy.
4) I did eat them – see 2 above.
5) I have not tried lemon on them, Blackie, but will next time!
6) Coloured food is not unknown in our house – but one of the kids’ favourite uses for food colouring is in the bath – excellent diversionary tactic for use against anti-bath tantrums!
7) I love sweet potato, but the MOMD dislikes it quite decidedly.
8) the MOMD is very chuffed about getting such an audience for his artistic presentation!

Allow me to introduce the man himself:
Greetings. It is very nice of you all to entertain my WENCH so. It brightens up her days and Knights no end. This makes me happy:) My WENCH (Wife Exhibiting Nice Curvaceous Hips ) has extremely refined tastes where food is concerned. I tend to cater more for the ‘family friendly’ AWW culinary temptations. Bye for now. Must get back to my domestic duties. MOHD

Me again! Rest assured, I was laughing pretty loudly when he revealed the WENCH acronym!!! Ignore his martyr tone – he’s just hamming it up for effect ;P
Must dash – tv time, therefore knitting time! Yay!
More news tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Ok, so about the mashed potatoes..

  1. Nice acronyms!! (I bet all the boys say that to you!!) I like mashed potatoes with garlic infused milk, butter and maybe some parsley, chives or parmesan cheese. I love sweet potato and substitute it for real potatoes quite often!!

  2. Hmmmmmmmm, if the potatos end up aqua when MOMD gets to them, what happens to the laundry???

  3. oh no!! you let him post on your blog!! now you will never get him away from it. lol

    I like my mashed spuds with cut up raw onion for extra yummy crunch..though I am the only one that has them that way..so I have to dish up everyone elses..and then cut up some onion for me..I got it from my father, he loves it that way too.


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