Q: How random is my life?

A: Not so much as I thought – having done a little analysis of my weekly timetable, I do in fact have commitments and regular events every day of the week – erk! So much for being free to run things however I please while I stay at home with the girls 😉

So, instead of answering Sunday through to Saturday (a mildly amusing cop-out), I must come up with 7 random things about me, to satisfy Sue.

  1. When I was 8 we lived in Bairiki, which is a village on Tarawa, one of the atolls that make up Kiribati.
  2. Cats make me sneeze, but only if I’m in a cat-lover’s house for over half-an-hour.
  3. Perfumes of any artificial kind give me hayfever, but not wattleflowers or other common causes. So I can’t have perfumed shampoos, soaps, airfresheners (ha! that’s a misnomer), laundry detergent, deodorant, handcream, household cleaning products etc etc etc, but I can have lots of really strong-smelling flowers in my garden, no worries 🙂
  4. One of my ears is higher than the other, and I have a pair of long earrings that are different lengths by exactly the same amount, so if I put them in the right way, the ends of my earrings are exactly level – if I get it wrong, of course, one is obviously much lower than the other!
  5. I think avocado and vegemite are very tasty together on toast.
  6. I have a very mild lactose intolerance, so I don’t eat icecream very often. When I do, though, I like to eat it out of a teacup – it’s enough to satisfy my sweet tooth without making me feel erk the next day.
  7. While I was on exchange in Japan, I joined my friend’s drama club as a helper – when we had our school festival, I stood outside the door of the ‘theatre’ room and spruiked the play times in Japanese, which mystified a lot of the people going past. I never thought to ask whether they got a larger audience or a smaller one!



3 thoughts on “Q: How random is my life?

  1. Kiribati must have been a very interesting place to live, and I’m sure you’ve got some great memories.
    I’ll have to give the vegemite and avocado thingy a try.

  2. Avacado and vegemite…. I’ll send you the rest if I don’t like it ;p

    It’s rather disapointing to find how many routines have sneakily slipped into our livesyet we seem to need them to get anything done

  3. Hmmm, I’ll have to ask my dear hubby if he has tried vegemite and avacado. He is a huge fan of vegemite and toast.

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