Not me, the chest freezer! $125 (Oz) (ie how cheap can a repair get???) and a subtle hint not to let hubby pull things off in future (apparently he broke the clips that hold the grill over the motor access hole place thingy). I hadn’t even finished packing the dishwasher and all was done! I am so sticking to this repairs company – they fixed my washing machine last year (a big deal with 3 kids) on time, no messing, and have uncanny powers of spotting the exact problem over the phone, thus they bring the part with them and there are no dramas!!!
I feel compelled to add that I still have the unlovely task of dealing with the sludge in the bottom of the freezer, washing it all out, wiping with Dettol, all without ruining the floorboards or nearby carpet… (if I didn’t add that last bit it would all go to h3ll in a handbasket, and I’d have no hope of getting any knitting done for months, so disclaiming like a madwoman)

Not telling!


4 thoughts on “Freezing

  1. Good news. Isn’t it great to find a helpful repair company. I have found the rmote control replacer company here to be fantastic – and they have a dog in the shop and I took him a biscuit!! I haope you are docking the MOMD’s pocket money and taking away his toolkit!! Could you not freeze the sludge and then take it out?? It might be easier??

  2. Great to find a good repairer, be it mechanic, electrician etc. Hang on to them for dear life, they are worth more than gold.
    Interesting idea from 2paw, it might work.

  3. sounds good that you have found a great repair man!!

    Oooh about having to clean the sludge up! hope it didnt take too long


  4. Last of the containers went through the dishwasher today – now I have to wash all the coolbricks, and will get the MOMD to move the freezer to where we can open the drain tube and drain out the liquids in the bottom. I tried freezing it but then couldn’t get it off the bottom without having my bottom pointing precariously skyward – just asking for trouble 🙂

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