This week included:
*the deep freezer quietly ceasing to freeze
*baby V had virus that wasn’t quite measles
*realising that I have no income (took me a while)
*pressing deadline for uni marking
*gale force winds
*KIP with Penni, where she saw my stress relief:



3 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. You won’t believe what I did last night!

    Finished the dishcloth and cast on another. What was I thinking?!?! Roll on Monday when I get my real knitting projects back.

  2. Glad to hear Baby V is not spotty!!
    My mum told me it had been really windy in Hobart, it blew her big potted plants over. I am so glad you and Penni have KIP meetings!! A problem or stress shared is a problem or stressed halved!! MInd you, your stress relief looks very pretty!! Hope you managed to salvage some of the frozen goods…

  3. Oh, gosh. Hope you managed to save all your frozen stuff, and that it doesn’t cost too much to get it fixed.
    Great that you and Penni get to hang out. I’ve yet to meet anyone from blogland, except my lovely daughter of course.

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