Finish, Frog or Felt?

These are the options when you discover what lies beneath… the top layer of boxes.

Stay tuned for:
A sock that fits me!
RagRug Rumble
Fluffy Pink Fairy Princess Flingwrap
My Mohair Phase
Colinette Conundrum

and other items as I unearth them… I am marking uni assignments for the next two weeks and may not be knitting very consistently, so I will set up the above items to post themselves! Oh the wonders of post-dating! (If it works ;>)



3 thoughts on “Finish, Frog or Felt?

  1. Hi Kate…our stitch and bitch meets the first saturday of every month at Kaos cafe in north hobart. We have a blog – there is a link to it on my blog under ‘i love my knitting club’. You can check us all out and what we get up to on there. You and your friend are most welcome to come. Esther

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