After the Fair

Thanks to Penni, I realised that the Hobart Quilt and Craft Fair was on today, and immediately planned how and when I might get there, preferably without children 😛
I turned up for J’s school’s Bunnings BBQ (fundraiser at entry to large hardware store), to discover hubby already there and happy to keep going, so I went to the Fair! Sadly, this meant taking 3 small people with me, a move that nearly proved fatal to two of them – thankfully, I was able to restrain myself from providing sensational Sunday paper headlines

Crazed Craft Fair Mum Strangles Offspring with Alpaca Silk; Stall Owners Demand Payment for Soiled Goods

Back to Bunnings, buy sausages and drinks for 2 kids, sit watching for half an hour until hubby is ready to hand the till over to the next parent volunteer, explain slowly and clearly that I AM going to the Fair, hand over baby and car keys, and off I whizzed to surround my self in explosions of riotous colour!
As I walked around, I noticed many many people carrying these:

so I went for a look and bought one! Inside was a motley collection of “women’s interest” items:

The kids ate the Gummi Bears, we don’t have a budgie, I don’t watch BH&G, but the bag had pretty pink stripes, so a must for miss S. Oops! Forgot the cutlery!

The same stall had this for $20 (HALF the RRP!!), so I couldn’t leave it there, could I?

Trawling around the place I found Jules on the Web, whose stall was just a complete rainbow; then there was Prudence Mapstone, who had some of her amazing freeform crochet creations up on display – I am overawed by the artistry and colour-sense, but can’t see myself diving into scrumbling – I think you would really have to be a crochet person to do it properly, and it would work better if you already had a fairly large repertoire of stitches and patterns to go nuts with. A lovely lady though, and she kindly sold me one of these:

Elsewhere I found *gasp* SOCK YARN – specifically, Online Supersocke 100, wool 4ply and cotton 4ply:

(sadly I bought one at $17 from one stall and found it elsewhere on special for $13.50, and couldn’t bring myself to go back and swap #1, because the lady there had let me fondle everything before only buying two skeins. They even had Addi Turbos. I played a little)
Guess which family members these are intended for?:

Also on special were these:

so now I have enough to go with the 100gms I had begun as a drop-st scarf but decided it just wouldn’t work – now there is enough for a wrap or vest, and I thought maybe I’d knit it together with a strand of navy something or other – add a little softness and depth …
So that was my 2 hours at the Fair – I have yarn on either side of me, plans whirling through my brain, a blog post to share my joy with everyone, and no time to start anything because it’s 11pm and I really need some sleep!


4 thoughts on “After the Fair

  1. You’re right there were more than two. I forgot about Coloured Jules – I still have some mohair I bought from them a couple of years ago and I didn’t realise that Prudence Mapstone was selling books too or I would have been there, I have to admit, the crochet bit turned me off.

    Glad you were able to get out there, I wonder did we see each other?

    Not sure what I’ll bring next week, I started and ripped back two scarves last night so I’m currently projectless (unless you could the WIPs in the box next to the couch that I just don’t feel like working on)

  2. Oh how nice for you, but the Craft Fair used to be here, and they said not enough people came, and nicked off south!! You have reminded me to email them again and complain!! Wow, sock wool and addis,!! Lovely purchases. Glad you had a great time, I will live vicariously…..

  3. ooh I am so jealous that it was down the wrong end of the state! lol

    I am jealous about the 400 stitch book!

    gorgeous looking wool!!

    Oooh glad I didnt have to read that headlines on the Sunday Newpapers (not that I read any Sunday Newpapers!!)..

    Have a great week.


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