Lolly-Cabled Sock Bliss

All is not lost!! The depressingly amateur sock, is, in fact, very nearly perfect for my 4yr old daughter’s foot!!!
Just a little growing room at toe and heel, so I have to get on with the second one asap!

But I have also started this:Patonyle, very soft, blue/teal/purple, 80sts K2P2 rib, then babycables from Sensational Knitted Socks (Schurch) – and can you see what I listen to on my iPod when I get the chance?


3 thoughts on “Lolly-Cabled Sock Bliss

  1. I have some of that pink Patonyle! I am hoping to knit it up into a pair of my socks for my girls.

    Patonyle is lovely and soft! Its one of my fave sock wools to knit with.


  2. Hi Kate!

    You’re right this is pretty amazing! we’ve probably seen each other at the supermarket or the post office and been oblivious to having another knitter in our midsts!

    Expect an email from me in the next couple of days!

    Glad my blog could make you happy dance.

  3. Thank you ladies.
    Katt – the striping is cool – I ws dubious bout the mustard, but it does alleviate excessive “pinkitude” (to quote someone on Knitty somewhere)
    Penni – I bet we’ve been competing for the knitting mags at the newsagency too!

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