Casting off, casting on, and re-emergence…

So, do you want to see what I finished on Friday night?

Funky, huh?

And then, because I can’t have a sockless knitting existence, I played around with 46st toddler ideas and came up with this little cutie:

Do you like the sweet little cables running down the sides? The legs of the cables will divide at the heel flap – I know I’ve seen it done for grown-up socks, so why not for these? Using Grumperina’s no-cable-needle technique, of course!
For those with a keen eye, yes that is real sashiko embroidery – I bought this bag in Japan 17 years ago (!!! the calculations to work that out!!!) when I was an exchange student. I’m not much of a handbag person, so it hasn’t seen much use recently, but look how neatly a sock project fits in there!
Speaking of sock bags, I’ve been contemplating scraps from my fabric boxes:

What think you?

And lastly, but not leastly, I had SO MUCH FUN last night, in front of G’s A, I ADORE the textures, I’m SO INTO NJ!!!!
(Watch Jae do a happy dance in the comments!)

Time to sit in front of the teev, tea and bikkies close to hand, NJ sleeve IN hand, and laugh at CSI:NY!

Oyasumi nasai!



3 thoughts on “Casting off, casting on, and re-emergence…

  1. yay!! great socks and what pretty new socks. Nice bag too. I just watched CSI YMCA as I like to call it. I enjoy it a lot, not like CSI Miami Vice. I shiver ever so slightly with revulsion when ‘H’ says Sweetheart or ‘helps’ a child. Oooohhhh.
    How exciting you have started your NJ. It is cooling down nicely now. Cool enough for knitting and wearing cardigans soon!!!

  2. Oh, we find CSI Miami pretty funny, and can do all of H’s stock moves on cue – head down, thinking, then lift and put on sunglasses; gaze over right shoulder, then face forward and put on sunglasses, “I’m going to help you through this” while twiddling sunglasses – it’s so deep!!!

  3. I’m doing backflips! The NJ looks fabulous, awesome, and lovely all at the same time. (You are knitting this in my size, right? hee hee)

    CSI Miami always prompts funny imitations from my hubby of H’s acting. “So… what we have… is a cat… on the couch” followed by a tilt of the head and his glasses being coming off/on his head.

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