Well, after quite a bit of warm-to-hot, slightly-to-very-humid weather, the cool change has arrived, and the socks, jumpers and blankets reappear with warm and fuzzy abandon! V has been wearing her cardi, which is now too short (of course it is – nearly 5 months is a long time in baby growth!). Time to bust open the stash boxes and pull out a quick cardi! I have a few ideas, involving sideways-knit, 3/4 sleeve garter stitch, flared hem kimono style cardi – we’ll see if ideas translate to reality ;P

Also on the knitting front, I have printed out knitting graph paper [note the slogan on the header – hee hee!] and have charted the first half of the NJ sleeve – I just can’t follow the mostly-written-with-pattern-repeats-on-little-charts instructions, so:

Socking good fun is happening in front of the teev each eve(ning)

Sometimes I think I may even finish them by the end of the week! #1 only took a week, but if I voice my hopes out loud, they will immediately become target practice for my oh so inventive offspring, who can always find ways to fill up my time – in the last 2 weeks we’ve had colds, teething, headlice, several bed-wetting incidents – including once in our bed, so we slept on the sofa for 2 days waiting for the mattress and wool underlay to dry out, sandpit fun, painting fun, blocks fun, cover-the-entire-rumpus-room-with-toys fun, knock breakkie off the bench by puring milk into the bowl on the edge, plus normal washing, cleaning, cooking etc etc etc.

Pondering: at what point does a WIP become a UFO? Does thinking about it extend the deadline? What if you nearly have your hand on the WIP but are fatally distracted by a mad dash to save the nearly dry washing from incipient rainfall? Because while I have a number of things on my needles, I fear many are now UFOs rather than WIPs, because it has been more than a month for most of them….
hmmm – on that thought, I need tea and panforte, although sadly I will go and put the washing out first – I still have another load of sheets to do, it’s nearly 3pm, and I need every skerrick of sunshine I can get! Oh the trials of housewifery!


4 thoughts on “Coolth!

  1. Thanks for the Virtual Soup!!! I’m making some curry today, that’s fairly comforting food too!! Look at those very cute socks!! I can’t wait to see a real person wearing them!!! Oh I think your children are slightly more bother than mine at the moment. I have a new bowl: all’s right with the world. Isn’t the cool weather just lovely? We had the doona last night!!! Happy, haopy, happy!!!

  2. I say that if you still have serious intentions of finishing they remain wips. It is when you begin deluding yourself into thinking you will finish when you already know you won’t that they become ufos.
    Hurray for sleeve charts! Have you casted on for them yet? πŸ˜‰

  3. oooh, you are doing the Nantucket Jacket? Cool!
    Isn’t coolth a wonderful thing?
    Congrats on finishing your masters degree πŸ™‚ That must feel wonderful!

  4. Thanks Lynne!
    I am looking forward to looking silly in mortarboard
    and gown, then to getting a little silly in the
    company of my fellow students and our amazingly
    long-suffering lecturers at the annual TL graduates’
    Now if only the perfect job would appear on my
    doorstep, say about 2 weeks after V starts to sleep
    through the night!
    *props eyelids open with matchsticks*

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