Semi FO, promises and pointy beginnings

So, I’ve been busy spending time with my parents, diong normal house stuff, dredging through the odd box or two, lamenting the ongoing torture of sleep deprivation – all perfectly normal, but not too helpful for knitting purposes.
BUT an all but Finished Object – some raspberry Fetchings for the G3 Aunty namesake of baby V, whom we visited after Christmas and who admired the Fetchings on my needles and thus earned some! Just need to get my wool-needle, and some sleep, and sew those ends in so I can post them to her, with a photo we took of baby V on G3 Aunty V’s knee πŸ™‚

And in other knifting endeavours, I gave my Mum some Fetching “Glovetrotters” for her upcoming trip to Beijing (house swap, can you believe it? Jealous!) which she likes very much so have offered her a beanie to go with:

And that little Nantucket fetish I was feeling? I started, but have been run over by the urgency of the other projects πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Semi FO, promises and pointy beginnings

  1. I was hoping for some photos. Those Fetching are the go, I must make some!!
    Oh you’ve started the Nantucket!! How exciting. Hoipe there’s sleep and then knitting time!!!

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