Viscosity (non-knitting content for the non-squeamish)

subtitled: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Snot

I am thanking the MOMD for tonight’s subtitle; my lovely baby V is teething, and therefore chewing on and dribbling over everything, which frequently includes parts of me, my clothes and anything I might happen to be holding, sitting near or lying on. But what does that have to do with “snot”, I see you frown at your screen. Well, V also has a cold that has been lingering in the upper respiratory tracts of several family members for over a month, and this cold has created a post-nasal drip of exactly the wrong viscosity, such that it is neither thin enough to be nothing more than a tickle, nor thick enough to be gotten rid of in a sneeze. Result: a complicated, arrythmic snuffle-snort whenever whe is trying to suck her dummy, ie sleep, or have a feed at Cafe Mum, ie me. The latter, of course, means frequent pulling off in a messy and stretching kind of way, which gets less pleasant the more often she does it, plus I get smeared with the dribble and snot.
Motherhood is so mystical sometimes.

PS the dentist did a fabulous job, as always (I love this dentist!!!), which was great, but then I found out yesterday that my dog has glaucoma in one eye, which must be removed tomorrow, which is not great. She should be more comfortable after it has all healed though, so fingers crossed for her.
PPS this is an expensive week – MOMD has his next dentist’s appt on Fri, which is also the day we officially hand over large sums of money for our house – so, 2 sets of dentistry, 2 dog groomings, 1 dog operation, and one 30-year commitment. Plus arranging solicitor’s fees, removalists, telephone, electricity, and carpet cleaning – make that a very expensive week!!!
PPPS Good thing I made brownies tonight, and they’re gooey so you have to lick your fingers a lot afterwards….


One thought on “Viscosity (non-knitting content for the non-squeamish)

  1. Summer colds are the worst. I have to go to the dentist next month for a check up. Dentists are expensive. Hope the dog is better soon. Dogs have pretty excellent recuperative powers!! Nice subtitle MOYD!!!!

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