Knit like it’s the holidays…

Just to let you know – I knifted multiple pairs of Fetchings this Christmas (and it’s not over yet!), plus a Tychus that needs a new edging to hide its resemblance to a floppy tea-cosy (don’t talk to me about gauge and yarn-substitution), and there has been travel knitting galore:

1 entire Fetching on the ferry, 2/5 of the Tychus in the car, 1 Mini-Basketweave Toddler Sock in the car and at lunch today, and the cuff of the 2nd Fetching in the car this afternoon – when we go to visit relatives for Christmas, we don’t let a few hundred kilometres get in the way of meeting for lunch!!!!

Will post pictures once I have internet access on own computer.
Meanwhile, here is a repeat of a little something I snapped earlier – the first two
Fetchings; 1 pair in a chocolatey wool/silk mix, 1 pair in a sunrise alpaca/wool mix
Since then I have been tweaking the pattern to add picots at cuff and hem (hours of fiddling), and centre them over the cable crossings – I like the finial-effect.
Best dash to dinner – Happy Silly Season to you all!


3 thoughts on “Knit like it’s the holidays…

  1. I like that you have in your sidebar Maybe some Fetchings!!! I am a crowd follower and I plan to make some this year too. Somehow I’m always on the end of a trend!!!
    Happy Christmas and all and all!!!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I made a heap of Fetchings as presents – never thought people would need to wear them on Christmas day but it was only 14 degrees!

  3. Ooh, I’m so glad I hadn’t started a pair of Fetchings yet! I like the idea of picot edgings. Would you be willing to share how you did it?

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