Sunday Style Is…

a plastic bag on your head ~ J has nits, so I’ve spent the past hour applying green gel, wrapping in a plastic bag, unwrapping and washing with the shower hose, and combing through his hair, picking out eggs. I deserve some of that chocolate now, so I’m going to have it. so ner.
PS we’re taking the plunge into deep debt woo hoo! & oh boy… 🙂 Top


3 thoughts on “Sunday Style Is…

  1. OK, 10 posts have just appeared on my Blogines all at onec!! I am working my way through them!!!
    #1 New research has just shown that hot air is a great killer of headlice. Hot air from the hairdryer blasted on the hair and scalp. A bit of a google might be helpful!! I am lucky I didn’t ever catch them when I was teaching!!!

  2. I use a tea-tree based lice-killer shampoo and ‘combing solution’ – which really does get the eggs off the hair. And for moi it was an excuse to do a deep condition with plastic bag, as my itches were purely sympathetic.
    All gone now thank goodness! At least it proves he has clean(ish) hair (for a 6yr old boy, that’s a fair achievement)

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