Friday Night Thoughts

#1 Troy is a bloke flick. Proof: this quote:
Hector: All my life I’ve lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her! “
Even Eric Bana can’t save it.

#2 The best ice cream is “Ice cream from the Valley” – organic, fresh, satisfying without being over-rich or icky sweet. The chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, the blueberry and cinnamon, the vanilla bean – Oh, how the flavours linger…

#3 After spending hours and hours in front of this screen today, I’m too tired to knit anything neatly, so I will save it all for tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Friday Night Thoughts

  1. Troy: it was still going after 11pm. I saw 2 minutes of Brad Pitt in a lance and shield fight- I just don’t understand the whole Brad ‘thing’.
    I don’t really eat ice-cream, I like semi-freddo though: raspberry and lemon. Yum
    I haven’t knitted a stitch today. Or sewn or embroided or even beaded. You’ll be able to have a knitting frenzy tomorrow!!!

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